Traffolyte Signs

 Traffolyte is a generic term for engravers 2 ply (colour) plastic laminate. Traffoltye is a hard wearing, UV resistant, durable plastic that is suitable for long term or outdoor use and produces a high quality finished product.

 As we design, engrave and cut your Traffolyte labels ourselves 100% in the Pilbara, we understand the environmental challenges of our area and believe that we can provide the correct product for your particular requirements. 

Other common names for the plastic laminate engraving products include Romark, Trotec and Gravoply. Here at Randm Engraving & Cutting, we have many different coloured laminates in stock. Whether you need 1 plate for a sign or 1000 plate combinations, we can cater to your needs.



Common Colours

Colours Available for Ordering

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